Welcome to The Garage, a formidable creative enterprise located in the bustling hub of Orange County, California. We are a skilled union of specialists and craftsmen, up to our elbows in the grease and grime of innovative and creative marketing solutions. Our services run the gamut from bare-metal, body-off brand restoration to customized, high-performance tuning and content development in every media channel. We also specialize in strategic and analytic diagnostic services for both imports and domestic brands. Rest assured that our humble operation is a formidable force backed by WPP. This global reach provides us with an unfair advantage in our creative and intellectual arsenal. From paintless dent removal to ground–up brand building, our gears are always turning.


Our company was founded through an enduring and trusting partnership with Mazda. While our establishment in the OC is relatively new, our parent company, WPP, has maintained a productive, long-lasting relationship with Mazda throughout most of the world. The secret to our success has been in creating a unified team, blurring the lines between client and agency. Our future is truly contingent upon Mazda’s future. One team, one dream—every day, every challenge—we share accountability and responsibility. Often imitated but never duplicated, the WPP Team Business model is living proof that when a company invests its future in that of its partners, there is common ground, camaraderie and a deeper understanding of what success truly looks like.

Building an agency that truly integrates the science of analytics with the art of creativity has long been CEO Michael Buttlar's ambition. It's an idea that arose while he helped to revitalize Mazda's European division as Global Account Director for JWT. So when Mazda North America was ready to turn the concept into reality, naturally Michael was the one to take the helm and make it happen.

After honing his creative instincts in an early incarnation as an art director, Michael moved into strategy and planning, and eventually leadership roles with JWT. The journey, often in close collaboration with Ford Motor Co., took him to executive positions on five continents. Now he's focusing his knowledge, experience and global perspective to prove his vision—that incredible things can be achieved by an agency custom-built to marry innovation and ideas.

Michael lives in Laguna Niguel with his wife and two teenage children. He finds inspiration in theater and design, as well as on a new carbon-fiber road bike that has him questioning why he chose to live among such steep hills.

As Chief Creative Officer, Harvey presides over all creative operations and services. From his post, he is responsible for the quality, integrity and consistency of all content created on our client’s behalf. Says Harvey, “Nothing is more important than an inspired and unified team—from that comes inspired work that can make a difference both for our partners and in popular culture.”

Harvey’s career spans over two decades at some of the most distinguished agencies in the world. As well as being honored as one of Creativity magazine’s 50 most influential creatives, his broad range of work has received the highest global accolades in nearly every category and major award show, including Cannes, D&AD, The One Show, Young Guns, The Clios, The Effies, The International ANDY’S, and more. But from his point of view, real success is measured by the accomplishments of the people he works with, both clients and cohorts alike.

As Finance Director, Tom Nickerson is responsible for the agency’s financial matters, overseeing financial reporting and controls, and fostering a strong focus on the bottom line. His part in ensuring the success of a creative organization, he says, comes down to, “removing barriers for employees and providing the resources and guidance they need” to produce great work. It's a philosophy he picked up during a career that began in accounting and has included positions with major agencies in New York City and Detroit.

Native Michiganders, Tom, his wife and three children are gradually adjusting to Southern California, including the novelty known as “sunshine.” Nevertheless, they remain loyal to their Midwestern roots, although from opposing battle lines: Tom is a Wolverine from the University of Michigan, while his wife is a Spartan from Michigan State.


WANTED: Unrestrained creativity. Uncompromising passion. Unapologetic excellence. We’re looking for talented people who want to help shape the culture around us by nurturing great ideas to life. Sound like you? Browse our listing of vacancies; if you see a position that interests you, we’d love to hear from you.


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